Oasis in Crisis


‘Ruth Tsopotsa is a magician of words and poetic forms. Oasis in Crisis is an ambitious collection that will leave the reader with tremendous satisfaction.’ Shimmer Chinodya, author of Harvest of Thorns, Dew in the Morning, Chairman of Fools and Strife

‘A fine
example of what the combination of patience, thoroughness, passion, resilience and humility does to a work of art-it lends it such an enthralling magic that soothes the heart.’ The Herald ‘In life you just have to ‘sing your thread’ when you still have the chance. Let us try to experience the titillating ‘perfect imperfections’ in everything. These inspirational poems by Ruth Tsopotsa indicate
that although we may walk the rough and busy roads of life, we need to have our many sorrows purified by self-renewal. This book is about searching for a broader and brighter view in life. These pieces are meant to provoke healing thoughts. They insist on negotiating the duality we live through; shadow and light, sunrise and sunset. Nothing dies, though all things change. The leaves may fall, but life goes on beneath the surface. At the pinnacle of all these poems, is one bold declaration: life is famous! This collection is enough to assure Ruth Tsopotsa of a place in Zimbabwean poetry.’