Children Trees Emotions Africa

Sipho and Thandi, the ten year old twins, embark on a magical journey across the African Savanna. Who will they meet along the way? Are they going to triumph over the Tokoloshe trickster and succeed in their quest? What will the Mighty Baobab Tree teach them? Inspired by the award-winning book, Bambini Alberi Emozioni, by Marina Alberta Davo, Children Trees Emotions Africa was born from the shared dream of the authors to show children, who are the future of humanity, the importance of living in harmony with, and safeguarding nature, especially trees. Using a mindful lifestyle approach, one based on love, kindness and respect for oneself, others and for all living creatures on our precious earth, children also learn skills to increase awareness of their emotions and how to deal with them in a constructive way, boosting mental health and resilience.

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