Learning Shona 1

Shona is widely spoken in Zimbabwe and in parts of Mozambique, Zambia, South Africa, Malawi, and Botswana.
A grasp of Shona will allow you:
• Improve communication with agi
Shona-speaking Zimbabweans
• Earn the respect of your countrymen
• Gain insight into local customs and mores
• Communicate effectively at police roadblocks
• Negotiate with market vendors
This book is for people who have no prior experience with the Shona language. It attempts to take you from zero to functional speaking within 12 short lessons, each of which is packed with exercises and answers.
Hayden grew up in Zimbabwe but left in 1998 for close to 14 years. Returning to Zimbabwe in 2012 he was excited to rekindle his love of Shona but became quickly disappointed by the baffling and inadequate learning material he encountered. Inspired by his ancestor through marriage, George Fortune, he has written this modern and accessible introduction to the language to help others gain fluency. An unlikely author, he has a bat
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Petros has taught Shona professionally for years and earned a reputation among many.
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home and abroad, as one of the best Shona teachers in Zimbabwe. He teaches a wide variety of students from different backgrounds, ranging from Shona speakers themselves to expatriates with no previous encounter with the language. He lives in Harare.