Lessons from my grandmother

After completing her graduate studies in England, Yeukai
rich in the cultural traditions of the Shona-speaking
people. There, Yeukai receives life lessons from her beloved grandmother-a wise elder holding sacred knowledge passed down through generations.
Though impressed by her grandmother’s lessons, Yeukai sets chem aside to pursue a corporate career in the biotech industry n California. For years, Yeukai embraces a consumer lifestyle, retending to live the American dream. However, the busy ctivities of her life-focused on chasing material delusions -hide ne emotional turmoil within, until things come to a head.
1 search for meaning in her life, Yeukai returns home to imbabwe only to be heartbroken by the devastation inflicted
• AIDS, rampant corruption, and a near-collapsed economy. despair, Yeukai turns within, and the answers start to be realed-in the deep meaning of her grandmother’s teachings d the rediscovering of her own true nature–and she begins to lefine her relationship with the world.