Out Of Darkness, Shinning Light

Out Of Darkness, Shinning Light  , by petinah gappah published at house of books; a bookstore in harare zimbabwe. A woman in a township longs for a baby of her own; an old man finds his job making coffins at No Matter Funeral Parlour brings unexpected riches; a politician’s widow stands quietly by at her husband’s funeral as colleagues bury an empty casket.Petina Gappah’s characters may have hopes and dreams, but they are living in a world where every day is a struggle, a loaf of bread costs half a million dollars, the social fabric is tearing and yet, somehow, each day is laced with hope. In this spirited debut, Gappah evokes the resilience and inventiveness of ordinary people who struggling to live in extraordinary circumstances whilst also battling issues common to all people everywhere: failed promises, unfulfilled dreams, and the yearning for anchor them to life.

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