Rotten Row

Rotten Row’, by petinah gappah published at house of books; a bookstore in harare zimbabwe is the Criminal Division of the Harare Magistrates’s Those who enter or escape it are the subjects of this mesmerising of stories: from Gidza, a Liverpool-loving hwindi driving to his death from Chisipite, to Wonder, who fights for justice from his grave in from wide-eyed Catholic schoolboys at school on a hill in to cynical participants at a human rights seminar in Victoria Falls; from a man haunted by his past at a tea estate in Chipinge to a woman Borrowdale Brooke who is trapped by the golden chains of status-success.In these portraits of lives aching for meaning and redemption, Petina Gappah crosses the barriers of class, race, gender and sexual politics Zimbabwe, to explore the cause and effects of crime on the nature of justice.

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