Soul of Cymru, to whom we Celts do pray:
Oh Goddess, save thy little children in thine own mysterious way.
‘Isolation is our only hope, elderly Angus Fraser insists, but not as we did for Covid. To escape Ebola, we quarantine correctly: Gael starts to hum. Monica, George and Little Kate join their stricken mother. Singing in perfect harmony, they entreat Rhiannon’s help.
Fifteen-year-old Daniel assumes the leaders’ role, brave, inventive, and helped by his younger sister Nicola he finds the way.
‘Daniel,’ Ivan yells, ‘several youngsters are standing beside a minibus on the Bindura road!’
The survivors, short of food, leave Zimbabwe and head for Namibia’s Walvis Bay. ‘From the West African port,’ Lindsay reasons, ‘we can board a ship for Cape Town.’
On arrival in a far-off land, pedophiles plan to abduct the orphan girls for nefarious purposes.
Aghast, fiery Daniel and furious Patrick attempt